Dr Siddhant Jain is doing Coronary Angiography by Radial route ( wrist artery ) which is very convenient & safe for the patient and patient can go home walking within 2 hours of the procedure.
Besides coronary Peripheral Angiography also can done by radial as well as femoral route ( groin artery ).

Angiography is the Gold Standard test to diagnose blockages in the Heart Arteries ( blood vessels).  Through a small needle a sheath is put in the wrist artery and through this sheath a 1.7 mm tube is taken to the heart and through this tube some contrast or dye is injected in  the heart arteries. the movie or picture of the arteries is then recorded by a x ray machine and shown on a TV like monitor. This test clearly demonstrates the status of the heart artery blockages and the report is available immediately. Angiography is done in patients of chest pain, angina, heart attack , dyspnea, shortness of breath and patients with cardiac risk factors.

Dr Siddhant Jain has done more than 10000 angiography in last 8 years ( up to 2015) with excellent results.  He is the pioneer of radial angiography in MP. You can watch his video of radial angiography on his  link at you tube :              

He is available daily for consultation at Rhythm Healthcare Center which is the best centre for cardiology in Indore.