Echocardiography & Color doppler is an ultrasound (Sonography) examination of the Heart which is a common and one of the most frequently done tests to assess the structure and function of heart and its components.

We have a state of the art advanced 4D Ultrasound machine – GE LOGIQ C9 for doing echocardiography and color doppler.

By doing ECHO we can see the pumping of heart chambers, their size and shape, the heart valves and normal and abnormal blood flow across the heart valves and also various other congenital and acquired heart disease like holes( defects) in the heart and fluid collection ( effusion ) around the heart.

Its a very simple test in which patient just has to lie down on a couch and the examiners touches a small probe on the chest through which sound waves are sent to the heart to assess it and running live pictures are displayed on a monitor . Its a totally painless test and usually take 10 minutes or so. Report of echo is available immediately.