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July 19, 2017
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Honest Cardiologist or best heart specialist ? This is a great dilemma now a days that instead of looking for a skilled or experienced Cardiologist patients are asking or searching for honest cardiologist & trust worthy and unbiased Cardiologist or cardiac surgeon. This is really a fact to ponder.

Why is this happening? The reasons are not some. Are best heart specialistnot Honest Cardiologist ?The most important fact is that like politicians and other service providers doctors are also mirror of the society they serve. There might have been some untoward instances where some personal gains might have been given more importance than patients best interest. But I am sure these cases are exceptions than the norm. Let us all try to understand that it takes a lot of hard work,time, pains and efforts to become a skilled super specialist doctor like a cardiologist or Cardiac surgeon and every doctor has patients interests as the top most objective while treating him/her.

Because of multiple media trials and bad mouthing an unacceptable image has been built in the minds of general public . The government has also knee jerked on the public anger. Some very good decisions of the government like stent and implant price control have been presented to the public in a very maligning way for the doctors.

But we should be rational in making conclusions and should see the data of ratio of conviction in Medical negligence cases. Thousands of cardiologist are doing lakhs of angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker, bypass  surgeries and the proven medical negligence is negligible and it proves that most of the doctors are giving best care and ethical & rational treatment to their patients.

The country’s heart will be in hands of few thousand dedicated heart specialists and these Cardiologists and Cardiac surgeons deserve respect and fair amount of trust besides the incomes they will otherwise also earn. So let’s spread the torch of trust amongst our friends, family and relatives and make them believe that their doctors are for them , from the hearts………

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