No 1 Heart Doctor in Palasia – Dr. Siddhant Jain

Every person has to do some lifestyle changes when they get older, those will result in leading a healthy life without complications. The No 1 Heart Doctor in Palasia states that we have to provide attention and care for our heart as that is the powerhouse of our body.

There are 2 important factors when it comes to heart, food, and physical activity.

1. Healthy diet – The food we eat has a direct connection to all the body parts, so we have to give sufficient nutrients to the body through foods. Dr. Siddhanth Jain, the No 1 Heart Doctor in Palasia, recommends some combination of food that is good for heart health. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Should avoid processed foods, fast foods, and salty meats.

2. Stay active – Physical activities are very important as they improve blood circulation. The No 1 Heart Doctor in Palasia adds that if you are overweight, concentrate on reducing weight by doing physical activities. Some physical activity is better than nothing, starting with going for a small walk, doing household chores, etc.

The No 1 Heart Doctor in Palasia, Dr. Siddhanth Jain gives a few more points to consider for maintaining better heart health:

To avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Get enough sleep and regular exercise.

Take a regular checkup for cholesterol and blood pressure.