Pacemaker : the battery of heart

Pacemakers are artificial battery implanted in chest and heart by Cardiologists like Dr Siddhant Jain at Shalby Hospital Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Let’s understand when and why pacemaker is required.

Hearts continuously due the current produced by its natural battery or pacemaker. Some times this pacemaker or its connecting electric fibers inside heart malfunctions and patient gets abnormal heart beating. These patients with serious heart rate abnormalities require artificial pacemaker implantation.

We perform pacemaker implantation in cathlab (OT) under local anesthesia and different types of pacemakers and devices are implanted in the skin below the chest of the patients with wires being placed inside the heart. Pacemaker is a small matchbox size device with wires or leads connected to it. The leads are put inside the heart to pass current to the heart from the pacemaker. Patient has to be in Hospital for 3- 5 days.

Pacemakers are of different types which can be single, double or triple chamber pacemakers or ICD or CRT or Combo devices. ICD ( Intra Cardiac Defibrillator) are pacemakers which sense abnormal fast heart beats and treat them by giving electric shock and save the life of the patient. CRT ( Cardiac Resynchronisation therapy) are pacemakers with three leads in three chambers which are used to improve the pumping of weak and dilated heart.

Dr Siddhant Jain has a huge experience of doing pacemaker surgery and is regularly implanting these pacemakers . He is one of the best and most experienced pacemaker specialist in Indore, Madhya pradesh .
He operates at Shalby Hospital Indore and is available there daily for patient care.