Facing The Heart Issues? Ask Indore Heart Specialist Doctor

Actor Sidharth Shukla who died at a young age because of a heart attack was shocking news across the country. Indore heart specialist doctor says, over the decade, we have seen an increase in people suffering from heart attacks in their younger age. The question here is why Indians particularly at a younger age are getting heart attacks?

Dr. Siddharth Jain, an Indore heart specialist doctor explains the reasons for the question. The reasons can be smaller blood vessels, premature diabetes, consumption of alcohol, smoking, obesity, mental stress, and a sedentary lifestyle are common risk factors. We can prevent the risk factors to control heart attack rates.

Precautionary measures for younger generations are explained by an Indore heart specialist doctor here. A healthier lifestyle every day with consistency is key to staying away from any kind of disease. Nutrition-rich and balanced diet, and regular exercise are important changes to be made and followed.

Managing stress and quitting smoking, and drinking habits can lead a way to better health. The additional recommendation provided by the Indore heart specialist doctor is as follows – seeking help from cardiologists is a priority to have a regular checkup and to diagnose and manage the disease at an early stage.