Top Cardiologist New Palasia – Dr. Siddhant Jain

Heart attacks mainly occur when one or more blockage occurs in the coronary arteries and sudden heart attacks occur when the malfunction in the heart stops beating. It occurs at the adult age group between the age group of men 45 or older or women 55 we need to consult the top cardiologist new palasia. The major symptoms of sudden heart attacks are shortness of breath, fatigue, abnormal pain in the heart and many more.

1 Family History: – If anyone in your family such as a parent or sibling died at an early age because of any apparent reasons that is the cause of sudden heart attacks in such cases. This means that your chances of getting affected by sudden heart attacks increases. Don’t wait for others to consult today with the top cardiologist new palasia.

 2. Fear for heart diseases: – In most of the cases due to their past history people have a pre concise notion that they have also have heart diseases but mostly they don’t have heart diseases and that are the major causes of sudden heart attacks that they will also inherit the same heart diseases.

 3. Excessive use of smoking: – Smoking is the major cause of heart diseases. In 90% of the cases the person who is a chain smoker always suffers from sudden heart attacks and breathing problems. The solution to lowering the risk of getting and dying from heart diseases is quitting smoking.

 4. Diabetes: – Due to excessive sugar intake a diabetic patient suffers from blood clot or leads to heart failure. 

 5.  An inactive Lifestyle: – Eating too much unhealthy food, skipping regular exercises, taking too much of stress and burnouts can increase the risk of sudden heart attacks. If you want to take care of your heart, one of the greatest pieces of advice given by the top cardiologist new palasia is that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind or lifestyle.