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April 25, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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Vsd device inside the heart after implantation seen in x-ray

A vsd device seen before implantation in heart 

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to treat children suffering from various congenital heart diseases​ and defects. Eight out of every thousand new born suffers from heart disease which is congenital or present from birth. Some of them are serious and some are not so . Most common of these are hole in heart like asd ( atrial septal defect ) , vsd ( ventricular septal defect, pda ( patent ductus arteriosus ). Others are valvular stenosis like pulmonary stenosis and aortic stenosis. Some of these diseases are pretty serious leading to bluish discoloration of baby like tetrology of fallot ( TOF ), TGA, TAPVC , Truncus etc.  These disease requires heart specialist or cardiologist consultation and treatment. 

In the modern era of intervention Cardiology heart holes are now treatable by device therapy it implantation. Device therapy means putting a device like button made of special metal nitinol in the hole via groin artery or vein to close it permanently. This is a small heart operation requiring minimal hospital stay and fast recovery and no scar or sutures.

In last one year we have done more than hundred such device implantation successfully. These are one of the most gratifying procedures as you can see small children smiling and running around the very next day with their herat disease completely treated for life. We wish to broaden the scope of such interventions with continued assistance from government RBSK program planned for child health. 

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