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March 7, 2022
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Facts About Heart Disease That Everyone Should Know!!

In the fast-moving world, everyone is concerned about their life and health. Recently, in the view of cardiologists in Indore, people started noticing that heart disease is affecting younger people. Everything is a piece of news until something happens to us and our loved ones. People mostly think heart disease is a problem for others, but heart diseases are the most problematic and life-threatening.

It is important to understand heart disease and its risk factors because awareness about heart disease is high in India. Among the people believing the myth of ‘heart disease affects only older group’, society must understand that heart attacks can happen in young adults too.

Before explaining heart disease, let’s look at why is the prevalence of heart disease is common in India. Indians have high rates of diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and smoking which are the major risk factors for cardiac disease.

In 2016, a study conducted in a worldwide population estimated that 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular disease.

What Are Heart Disease And Heart Attack?

Heart disease is an illness associated with the heart and vessels. In medical terms, heart disease is called cardiovascular disease (CVD) or coronary heart disease (CHD).

In basic terms, coronary arteries (blood vessels) are main arteries that have sub-branches that supply blood to the overall heart.

The most common reason for getting heart disease is narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries which is also known as coronary artery disease. The heart doctor in Indore shares, these blockages will not happen suddenly but will happen slowly over time and are a major reason for heart attacks.

Not all people but few people will get prior symptoms before getting a heart attack. Few symptoms are pain or discomfort in the chest and arms, shortness of breath, nausea, or vomiting.

Heart Attack

Blood flows all over our body. Our hearts need oxygen-rich blood but due to blocks, the blood cannot flow to the heart. When this flow is not restored in a specific amount of time, a heart attack happens.

Dr. Siddhant Jain
Dr. Siddhant Jain

Risk factors:

Dr. Siddhant Jain who is the best cardiologist in Indore explained the 6 major risk factors for heart disease.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Heart disease, heart attack, and stroke affect people with high blood pressure (BP). The probability of getting heart disease increases if people with high BP also have obesity, smoking habit, and high blood cholesterol levels. Patient with High BP should keep their level under control.

High Blood Cholesterol

In blood, a fat-like substance will be there that is carried in blood and body cells which is cholesterol. When there is additional cholesterol enters the body, it gets built up in the arteries and the blood supply to the heart gets affected.


The risk of heart disease can be reduced by controlling diabetes. People with diabetes should be under doctor’s care to control diabetes. Diabetes will have associated conditions like blood pressure and cholesterol which also increase the chance of getting heart disease.

Obesity and Overweight

Obesity is a major risk factor that induces more complications. Extra weight all major risk factors for heart disease.

Smoking and Drinking

Studies have explained that nondrinkers tend to affect lesser than moderate drinkers. Drinking adds calories to the body and calories increase fat deposits which increase the risk of heart disease.

Smoking causes peripheral vascular disease (which supplies blood to arms and legs). Many of these deaths are because of the effects of smoking on the heart and blood vessels.

Sedentary work:-

In recent times due to technology development, people are not active throughout the day. Active day and exercise help to maintain a healthy weight which also lowers the risk of blood pressure. Exercise also helps in strengthening heart muscles and arteries.


Stress is also considered to be a contributing factor to heart disease. Behavior habits, emotional stress can be a cause for heart disease which is still under research.

Few Common Myths And Facts About Heart Disease:-

Myth: Men are more likely to have heart disease than women

Fact: Women are protected from heart disease because of female hormones. Before menopause, female hormones will be active which reduces the risk of heart disease but not after menopause.

After the age of 65 in women, the chances of getting heart disease are the same in both men and women.

Myth: Heart disease affects only older people

Fact: Age is a risk factor, but age alone will not cause heart disease. Even young people with high diabetes, Blood Pressure, high cholesterol level, sedentary lifestyle, and a lot of fat in diet cause heart disease. Young people with a habit of smoking drinking tend to have heart disease at an early age.

The risk of developing cardiovascular disease in older people is high due to aging because the arteries and heart walls may get harder which will make the heart pump less than required.

Myth: People with heart disease shouldn’t do exercise.

Fact: After undergoing heart surgery, it is recommended not to do exercise for 4-6 weeks. Regular physical activity is important and will reduce the chances of developing another heart attack.

Dr. Siddhant Jain (Indore heart specialist), concluded that heart health is a very important one to take care of. It’s never too late to control risk factors (few can be controlled, and few cannot be). You can make your choice and start managing them with the help of a cardiologist.

Tip to reach out to the best doctor:- Here are a few terms for the benefit of general people. If you are not familiar with the term cardiologist that means heart doctor or heart specialist. For example, to seek help from your nearest location, you can search like “cardiologist doctor near me”. To search for a specific location search for ‘Best cardiologist in Indore or any place as required.

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